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Mission of Survivor Healing

To supply relevant and useful information regarding recovery from tragic loss; as well as work with survivors of suicide loss on applying specific tools designed for facing the complex healing process they must go through.  Our success will be measured by how well survivors of suicide loss can establish a healthy and peaceful environment to live in – every day.


  • To discover all the ways and opportunities to find joy, freedom and peace following tragedy.
  • Recognize ourselves as survivors embracing a future that includes open and honest discussion with others about suicide loss.

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In Let GO and Let LOVE: Survivors of Suicide Loss Healing Handbook, author Gabrielle Doucet outlines the physical and emotional healing process survivors of suicide loss experience; then defines and teaches the tools they can use toward their recovery.  This step-by-step guide uses compassion, practical application, measures of success and even gentle humor to achieve freedom and release from stressors that survivors face day-to-day.

This important and long awaited self-help handbook engages in teaching techniques scientifically proven to reduce the stress, anger, fear and guilt that is the fallout of being a suicide loss survivor.

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