Getting Your Feedback

Dear Readers, 

I love making connections with my followers, and with anyone that is struggling to pull themselves through loss and grief. I have spoken about loss of all types in most all of my newsletters/blogs. As most of you know by now, my greatest loss was incurred the day my son Drew took his own life in 2011. The challenges I have experienced, and the lessons I have learned from this tragedy have guided me to a life of peace. Through my writings it has been my mission to pass along these understandings to others who have been in grief, of any kind. Thank you from my heart for being there for me and honoring me with your dedication in support of true healing. Many of you have read my self-help book, Let Go and Let Love: Survivors of Suicide Loss Healing Handbook. For the last few years, I have steadily shifted my focus to all types of loss, not just suicidal loss.

Now I have a question for you. Has there been 1 or 2 of my blogs and/or newsletters that has particularly touched you in your struggle to overcome paralyzing loss? Perhaps a specific reading that clarified exactly what you needed to hear and set you on your own course of peace? I would love to hear from you about that reading and how it affected your life. All of my blogs are in order here for review. Missions shift and change, sometimes. It would help me to know what information was most helpful to you, and in what way. All you need to do, is privately email me and give me your thoughts. What it would do for me is to guide me in the topics future writings should address.

Using only your first name on your email is sufficient, and everything you say is confidential. You would never see your story anywhere else. Frankly, your guidance is all I am looking for. Suicide, losses that harbor a national stigma and other tragedies are growing in numbers across America. I would like to know how I can stay relevant to the needs of my readers. For example, in the next 10 days I will blog about the agony of being an alienated grandparent.

Thank you for your love and loyalty. I look forward to hearing from you. Just email me directly from my website. And if you would like to have me respond back to you, it would be my privilege to do so. 


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