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Has Suicide of Someone Close Entered Your Life? A New Guide Describes Seven Tools for Self-Healing.

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – September, 2015 –A new book by a registered nurse and mother of a suicide victim shares the steps and tools that will help survivors regain their balance after a blindsiding tragedy and assist them to find happiness again.

In Let GO and Let LOVE: Survivors of Suicide Loss Healing Handbook, ($12.87, CreateSpace, September, 2015), author Gabrielle Doucet outlines the physical and emotional healing process survivors of suicide loss go through and provides 7 specific tools that can be used toward their recovery.  This step-by-step guide emphasizes compassion, practical application, measures of success and even gentle humor to achieve freedom and release from stressors that survivors face day-to-day.

This important and long awaited self-help handbook engages in teaching techniques scientifically proven to reduce the stress, anger, fear and guilt that is the fallout of being a suicide loss survivor. With 1 million suicides each year world-wide and 8 – 10 survivors surrounding each victim, that produces 8 million people who are emotionally destroyed in some way.  This book guides the survivor through personal interventions toward the healing process that is right for them, not someone else.  The outcome for readers is to see a true light at the end of a tunnel of struggle, where the embracing of joy awaits.

In this book, a survivor of suicide will:

  • Identify 3 levels of survivorship.
  • View the entire toolbox of applied strategies for maximum health and well-being, but have them introduced one at a time. Each new tool allows time for practice by the survivor.
  • Discover which tool(s) may be the most challenging, but provide the greatest reward for them personally.
  • See the immediate results of applying the techniques properly, experiencing success, layer upon layer.
  • Identify ways to release thoughts that negatively affect the physical system and block forward movement.

“Every single survivor I have spoken to wants to know the answer to one question – why did they do it?” says Doucet.  “Discovering the WHY of the act is likely to be a fruitless and a painfully exhausting expedition for the people left behind.  Because our society indicates, both verbally and non-verbally, that suicide is a taboo discussion, in this book we are able to introduce our place as a voice for those victims who can no longer speak for themselves. We all learn to embrace the message that suicide of a loved one does not require crippling the living.  Through the use of these tools, every survivor can positively improve their chances for a healthy and meaningful life”.

Gabrielle Doucet has earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Masters in Health Care and an MBA.  Thirty years ago she began her medical journey by providing effective Quality Management for patients in three major Managed Health Care Organizations established in the United States.  For the last 11 years, Gabrielle has designed supplementary practices for maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Her most significant expertise resides in the fact that Gabrielle is a suicide loss survivor and mother to Drew, a suicide victim, in 2011.

Let Go and Let LOVE: Survivors of Suicide Loss Healing Handbook, CreateSpace, $12.87, 282 pages, 5 ¼ x 8, paperback, is available at, Kindle and independent bookstores. For more information please visit .

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CONTACT: Gabrielle Doucet

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