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Authors, without a doubt, are writing junkies. We cannot help ourselves – there is pen, there is paper, there is Us holding pen over paper.

However, when I first began my journey to being an author, I wondered about sharing some of my work through such media as blogs, articles and newsletters. I welcomed and acquired a great deal of advice from the experts on writing-do’s-&-don’ts, grammar, organizing of thoughts, outlines, marketing and ways to reach my chosen audience. I hungered for instructions, connections, tutorials (I am NOT good with these!) and finally for the elusive TIME to do it all. Always running below the surface was the most important consideration ……What is my story? what is it that I must say to fulfill my reason for writing in the first place?

I knew from the bottom of my soul that I needed to share my wisdom on a topic that had little to no voice. Surviving tragic loss. I had managed to do it, but many had not. THAT was my story. The problem arises when we have a wisdom, and we are reluctant or afraid to share it with others without being asked to. We are polite, and unsure how it would be received or even if it is wanted. This is scary to many of us, and we often find that if we don’t act on our intuition, share our wisdom, our opportunity could easily pass us by. Then, no-one benefits.

Now someone out there might want to say, “What makes any of us think that we are ‘wise’ enough to share anything? Are we an expert, an intellectual genius?” Saying, “I want to share my wisdom with you”, could sound a little egotistical, self-righteous, even pompous? Do we all know folks who spend a portion of their day letting others know how much they know, about everything? It happens. But “Sharing wisdom” to me means something quite different. If I have a knowledge that could save another human from pain, fear, anguish, loss, danger or poor health, I instantly feel what I would have to call The Need. The Need is compelling, vital, possibly life-altering. It is definitely not egotistical or self-serving. It is not promoting one’s opinion over someone else’s just because one can. Rather, it is humane, loving and compassionate. It is one reason why we exist  –  to do for others without selfishness, requirement for recognition, self-importance or personal compensation. We are truly knowledgeable about a great many things – what can we do with it to help others?

I am convinced that you have also felt The Need at various times of your life. Did you lose an opportunity or did you take it? If you had another chance in the same situation, would you have done it differently? Did you share your wisdom?

One fantastic suggestion that I learned early on from advisor, author and speaker Sandra Beckwith, (, was to create something called Tip Sheets. While tip sheets are generally used for publicity purposes, I found that the format of bulleting or numbering important items of information are profoundly helpful when I am giving thoughtful, positive suggestions to readers on how to tackle a challenging topic. Last month I used the tip sheet idea for my readers to consider 14 Random Acts of Kindness during the holidays and all year round. I have used it a number of times in my website blog ( Deep Breathing, What Is It You Really Need?, Everyone Looks For Happiness, But What Really Gets You There?, and Are Your Feelings of Loss Preventing You From Having a Healthy and Fully Satisfying Life?. Tip sheets for me are just one way to share my wisdom with others. They can read it and find nuggets for themselves or not. But the feedback I get from my writings is always positive, and I have learned that there is a great deal of appreciation out there when a reader takes that nugget and tries it out. Then, if the reader finds that some movement forward is made, I have shared my wisdom on a subject successfully.

For me, this technique allowed me to share without stopping someone on the street and saying, “Do you happen to need some sage advice today??” Laughable situation, but obviously we don’t intrude or force our thoughts on someone else without the proper and fortuitous conditions existing. So how do you share your wisdom? This becomes something I see as simply being in the right place at the right time, hearing the right question or observing the right situation. Perhaps a good example might assist here.

In my book on surviving loss, Let Go and Let Love, the sixth tool I talk about is, You Manifest What You Think. Basically, we are speaking about the law of attraction. A simple example of this might be: you say, “I will never find a life partner for myself”. You may think this every day and say it out loud to yourself every night before you sleep. If you constantly think and reinforce this to yourself, you are driving away all the opportunities to manifest your perfect partnership. Why? Because when that individual steps into the ideal circumstance in your life, you will never “see” them because you are already convinced that it won’t happen. Some time ago I was having a conversation with an acquaintance who had spent several years looking for the right house to acquire; in our discussion, they used every word in our language that framed the negative.

  • I can’t decide on the town to buy in because the school systems are so different.
  • I will never find the house I want because my priority list is long and specific.
  • We don’t earn enough money to find everything I want in a home.
  • I am afraid to move and then be disappointed in my choice.
  • What if the bank thinks we are a poor risk and they will not grant us a loan?
  • I envision that we find a house, then remove a wall to find hidden issues everywhere!

In 5 minutes of listening, I heard, “can’t, so different, will never, don’t earn enough, I am afraid, disappointed, poor risk, no loan, hidden issues”. Here I sat with my personal wisdom regarding law of attraction. It was an opportunity to share with this friend a way to turn their thinking around to the positive. I took the chance, shared what I know and ultimately gave my acquaintance some information by which to look at their house search in a new way. We talked over techniques for positive thinking. She decided to give her search another try utilizing a new line of attack – positive thinking! She is happy in her new home, with the right schools and a decent mortgage.

In many situations you will be well aware when sharing your wisdom is warranted. One of today’s phrases in our world is, “if you see something, say something”. These words can save lives. Toward sharing your wisdom we might say, “if you notice something, you might want to offer something that will enlighten”. Do it lovingly with no ulterior motive. Offer. Suggest. Respond. People will ultimately be drawn to you and the wisdom you possess, because this is just how the law of attraction works. Someone needs your knowledge, and there you are in the right place at the right time. Take the chance and take a step. You just may be saving someone a long walk in the wrong direction.

Blessings, Gabrielle Doucet

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