Workshop Engagement at Natural Living Expo 11/14-11/15

I am excited to tell you about a wonderful expo taking place in just a few days in Marlborough, MA.  This is a grand opportunity for you to visit hundreds of vendors addressing healthy living. Click here for details.

I am one of 90 presenters doing workshops on a myriad of topics – what an opportunity to learn and try new ideas and products for an entire weekend!  My presentation will be on Sunday, Nov. 15 at 10:30 am in the Southborough Room.  The topic: 7 Tools Critical For Survivors Of Suicide Loss. My book will also be available for purchase at Table #18. I would love to meet you, open a discussion about loss and how we are able to deal with tragedy in our lives. Please stop by and at least say hello!

My book; Let Go and Let Love: Survivors of Suicide Loss Healing Handbook, is being received so well on, Kindle and elsewhere.  Surprisingly, it is not about book sales for me – it is all about getting the message to large numbers of people on how best to travel the difficult journey of surviving the loss of someone we love to suicide. We all experience loss. HOW we experience it and what we DO with that experience is what keeps us walking on the healthy side of life and going forward.

Recently I spoke to someone who had read Let Go and Let Love; she is a survivor and wanted to tell me about an verbal conversation she had with someone she barely knew.  This person asked her how many children she had. (She lost her son to suicide shortly after I did). Like me, and as I described in one of my chapters, she was painfully tongue-tied on how to answer the question. In many situations that survivors encounter, our brain does a 360 degree search area in our head about what to say when confronted with the most simple inquiries! She remembered my suggestion in the chapter and replied, “I have two children, a boy and a girl”.  End of discussion.  All is well. This is a perfect example of, Less is More. It is also using Intention, one of the best tools available to us when dealing with daily life in an imperfect world.

If you or a group you know is struggling with tremendous loss, especially suicide loss of someone close, consider contacting me about how I can help serve the needs of the group. This is my mission.

I also hope you can find your way to the Natural Living Expo, November 14 – 15 in Marlborough, MA. It will be a healthy and exciting experience!

Blessings, Gabrielle

Excerpt from Let GO and Let LOVE: Survivors of Suicide Loss Healing Handbook, CreateSpace Publishing, $12.87, paperback and ebook available September 2015.

CONTACT: Gabrielle Doucet


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